Entries by Leslie Piotrowski

Nora Friends Shine at Aspen Assembly

Nora friends were the central focus of yesterday’s assembly at Aspen Elementary. The event was a culmination of activities throughout the year in which students got to build friendships with Nora friends. In a video, students expressed how much they learned through their friendships and how they came to understand that our differences make us […]

Free Throw Assembly Is Great Fun for Everyone

It was an exciting afternoon at Aspen Elementary last Friday, as Ms. Motley’s fourth-grade class faced off Ms. Whitehead’s third-grade class at the Free Throw Assembly. The two teams were neck and neck most of the time. The audience cheered them on while the fifth-grade band/orchestra kept the energy high with music. Congratulations to Ms. […]

The Frog Lady and Her Reptiles Visit Aspen

The Frog Lady brought many of her reptile and amphibian friends for a visit to Mrs. Szoke’s first grade class. The students met a bearded dragon, a tegu lizard, a box turtle, a tortoise, a chameleon, a corn snake and more. The children had great fun watching some of the animals eat worms. They also […]

Narnia Comes to Aspen

All Aspen Elementary students received a treat today. Actors from Libertyville’s Improv Playhouse performed an adaptation of the classic tale “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” during an afternoon assembly. The actors brought the world of Narnia to life. The special event was in celebration of all the reading that Aspen students have been […]

It’s Book Fair Time!

This week, Aspen Elementary students were busily selecting books at the PTO Winter Book Fair to place on their wish lists. Aspen’s Book Fair this year is tied in with a fun dinosaur theme. Students can vote on their favorite dinosaurs during gym class. Each day, at least one contest takes place, culminating in the […]

Valentine’s Day Provides Fun Learning Experiences

On Valentine’s Day, second-grade students in the classrooms of Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Saliba and Mrs. Caby were treated to fun learning experiences as they rotated to three different classrooms. In Mrs. Williamson’s room, they completed a science experiment to predict and observe whether candy hearts sank or floated in three different types of liquid. In […]