Family Night

Family Night Has Global Theme

Aspen held its November Family Night sponsored by the Aspen Family Partnership Council on Friday, November 2nd.  The theme of the evening was Games Around the World. This particular family night was organized through cooperation between two committees of the AFPC, our Social Team (which traditionally plans and organizes family events) and the Multilingual Family Alliance (which is a new committee on AFPC).  The hope was to be able to engage families and students with diverse cultural backgrounds and give our students and families the opportunity to experience games
played across the globe.  Upon arriving, families received a booklet with a description of each of the games and the country of origin.  Games played were from a number of countries including Mexico, Israel, India, Slovenia, Untied States, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Malaysia, and Korea.  There was a great turnout for the evening!  Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped to bring games from all over the world to the students at Aspen.
Photo #1: A student is playing “Topfschlagen” (pot-banging), a game from Germany where a child is blindfolded and given a wooden spoon.  A pot is then placed upside down on the floor and the child uses the spoon to try and locate the pot.  Once found, the child removes the blindfold and gets to see what special surprise is hidden under the pot.

Photo #2:
 Students and parent volunteers played Murray (Bricklayer) a game from Poland.  Students are trying to get from one side of the area to the other without getting tased by the Bricklayer.

Photo #3: Families are planning games from Mexico, India, and Israel.  For Mexico, students and parents created Papel Picado with tissue paper and scissors. At the Israel table, students got to learn about and play Dreidel.  The game from India was Carrom, a game similar to billiards, but played using your fingers and paying special attention to the Queen.

Photo #4: The passport of games is used to show how to play each game. But no worries if the directions were difficult to follow.  Each area had many parent and student volunteers to show participants exactly how to play.
Classroom that won a SOAR award

Aspen Students are Soaring

We want to congratulate three classes for winning the Aspen Eagle Award. Classrooms are recognized for consistently demonstrating SOAR behaviors throughout the month of October. October winners include Mrs. Brock’s kindergarten class, Mrs. Saliba’s second grade class and Mrs. Motley’s fourth grade class. Recipients of the Aspen Eagle Award receive a special visit from Regal the Eagle and Mr. Fredricksen. Each class is presented with certificates, a parent letter explaining how the class was picked and they get to keep one of Regal’s eaglets in their classroom for the next month. Congratulations to the classes of Mrs. Brock, Mrs. Saliba and Mrs. Motley for demonstrating SOAR behaviors.

Exciting STEM Work at Aspen

Students in Mrs. Zurek’s third grade classroom were busy today testing their catapults. Each group of students began creating their own catapult designs and then built their creation. After the design and building phases, students tested their catapults for accuracy and power. While testing their creations, students recorded important information and tried to make some design changes to get better results.

school board clip art

Information Meetings on Referenda Questions

The Hawthorn School District 73 Board of Education is inviting the public to a series of information meetings on the two referenda questions that will appear on the November 6, 2018 ballot.  The dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday, October 9, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., Elementary North Gym, 301 Hawthorn Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL
  • Wednesday, October 17, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., Middle School North Gym, 201 Hawthorn Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL
  • Thursday, October 25, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., Aspen Drive Library, 701 Aspen Drive, Vernon Hills, IL
  • Friday, October 26, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., Vernon Hills Village Hall, 290 Evergreen Drive, Vernon Hills, IL

Spanish translators will be present at the Elementary North presentation on October 9 and the Middle School North presentation on October 17.

For more information, visit the District’s referendum website at: If you have questions, please send an email to:

Aspen Class Room

Three Classes Win Aspen Eagle Award

Congratulations to three classes for winning the Aspen Eagle Award. Classrooms are recognized for consistently demonstrating SOAR behaviors throughout the month of September. September’s winners include: Mrs. Zurek’s third grade class, Mrs. Pogachnik’s fifth grade class and Mrs. Szoke’s first grade class. Recipients of the Aspen Eagle Award receive a special visit from Regal the Eagle and Mr. Fredricksen. Each class is presented with certificates and a parent letter explaining how the class was picked. They also get to keep one of Regal’s eaglets in their classroom for the next month.

Eagle Chorus

Eagle Chorus Takes Off

Students came together for an Eagle Chorus rehearsal on September 18 at Aspen Elementary. It was the first practice of the year, and they sounded great. Led by Mrs. Klein, the students practiced several songs including “Bye Bye Blackbird” and “Da Pacem Domine”. They will perform these pieces on November 7 at Middle School South.

Experimenting with Mixed Media

In his class at Aspen Elementary on Wednesday, new art teacher Michael Glassman discussed ways to use mixed media to create art. He assigned a class project in which students created trading cards using pencils, markers, chalk, water colors and other materials.  The students picked materials and started experimenting and having fun with their projects. Mr. Glassman also teaches at Townline Elementary and the School of Dual Language.




Welcome Back Students

Walk into any classroom at Aspen Elementary and you will see children having fun on their first day of school.

Aspen Fifth-Graders Fly Away to Middle School

Aspen Elementary said good-bye to its fifth grade class yesterday during its annual Fly Away and Awards Ceremony. Awards were given out for outstanding attendance, presidential awards for outstanding academic achievement, and outstanding academic excellence. ACE participants and student council members were also recognized. Regal the Eagle helped hand out the awards.

Hawthorn School District 73 Superintendent Accepts Position in Indiana

Superintendent Nick Brown has resigned from Hawthorn School District 73 effective June 30 to accept a new position in Indiana to be closer to family.

“I really enjoyed my time at Hawthorn and appreciate all the work the staff does for all our students,” Brown said.  “We have great parents, students, staff and community.”

The Board of Education is grateful for Mr. Brown’s service to Hawthorn and wishes him well at his new district in Indiana.

The Board of Education will work hard to make this transition as smooth as possible with the help and guidance of the District’s administrative team.  An interim superintendent will be hired to support the District for the next year.  Also, the District will hire a search firm to help find the right superintendent candidate for the district.  The District asks for community patience and support in the coming weeks.  The District will continue to focus on what it does best, ensuring the best learning environment for its students.

El Superintendente del Distrito Escolar Hawthorn #73 acepta una posición en Indiana

Nick Brown, el Superintendente de el Distrito Escolar Hawthorn #73 ha renunciado a su puesto a partir del 30 de junio para aceptar un nuevo puesto en Indiana para estar más cerca de su familia.

“Realmente disfruté mi tiempo en Hawthorn y aprecié todo el trabajo que hace el personal para todos nuestros estudiantes”, dijo el Sr. Brown. “Tenemos unos excelentes padres, estudiantes, personal y comunidad”.

La Junta de Educación está agradecida por el servicio del Sr. Brown a Hawthorn y le desea lo mejor en su nuevo distrito en Indiana.

La Junta de Educación trabajará arduamente para hacer que esta transición sea fluida con la ayuda y orientación del equipo administrativo del Distrito. Se contratará un superintendente interino para apoyar al Distrito el próximo año escolar. Además, el Distrito contratará una empresa de búsqueda para ayudar a encontrar al candidato adecuado para el superintendente para el distrito. El Distrito pide paciencia y apoyo a la comunidad en las próximas semanas. El Distrito continuará enfocándose en lo que hace mejor, asegurando el mejor ambiente de aprendizaje para sus estudiantes.