Team Work Clip Art

ACE Students Selected

The Aspen ACE program is a service learning project for 5th grade students.  ACE stands for Aspen Caring Expert.  Students are selected to be on the ACE team based on leadership potential.  Members should be dependable, responsible, caring, trustworthy, courteous, and friendly.  Job duties include: greeting students at the door, providing assistance as needed to teachers and staff, monitoring hallway, recess, and cafeteria behavior.  ACE members are expected to display positive behaviors and a commitment to doing their best in their academics. 

Aspen ACE members agree to do the following:

  • be polite, kind, and considerate to all students and staff
  • behave in a safe and responsible manner
  • respect and care for people, property, equipment, and the environment
  • follow all school, playground, cafeteria, and classroom rules
  • display positive behavior – reflecting values of honesty, respect, responsibility and integrity
  • try their best and produce quality work in all academic areas

Congratulations to the following students who have been named ACE team members for the 2019/20 school year (In Mr. Viviano’s room) :  Luke R., Diego L., Skekinah G., Scotty H., Anna P., Myra C., Jacob K., Bella F., and Jacob K.  (In Ms. Roth’s room):  Ryan G., Misha R., Elizabeth T., Mya B., Za’riyah P., and Tommy F.  (In Mrs. Neville’s room):  Noa R., Nika T., Anabelle L., Eleanor H., Azul L., Riley B., Aiden V., and Jordan M.