Announcing NEW AFPC Team-Teachers Helpers

Attention Aspen Parents!  We have a great opportunity for you to get involved at school.  We are looking for parents who would be willing to volunteer in the following ways:

  1. Work individually or with small groups of kindergartners (in the hall, not in the classroom, and not with your own child) to reinforce basic reading and math skills Thursdays from 8:05-8:35, and/or Mondays-Fridays from 11:30-12 and/or 1:20-1:50
  2. Help with clerical projects (like assembling book orders, copying, cutting/backing projects,  die cutting, etc.)
  3. Help our Art Teacher, Mrs. Riege, hang artwork at 10:00 on Mondays between now and February

To meet these needs, we are forming a new team on the AFPC called the Teachers Helpers Team.  For the first need, working directly with kindergartners, ideally we’d like parents to volunteer at least once per week or every other week, but we will take any assistance we can get even if it is one time.  For helping with clerical projects, we will set up a schedule now, but you can sign up for any day or time that works for you (and it can be a single time or multiple times).  We will provide training.  For helping our Art teacher, we are looking for 1 volunteer every Monday at 10:00 (for approximately 30-60 minutes)-even if you can only volunteer to help one Monday, that would be great!  We plan on getting our volunteers started the week of Dec. 8, with the exception of the Monday morning Art helper which we hope to start on Nov. 23.
Please email Nicole Carson at, or call her at (847) 858-5602, with questions or to volunteer (please provide specific days/times you are available).

Thank you for helping make Aspen great!!!