Middle School North students with flag.

Aspen and Middle School North Flags to Fly in Antarctica

Middle School North and Aspen Elementary are among a group of local schools whose flags will be flying in Antarctica next month. Air National Guard Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James Buckman, pastor at Faith Lutheran Church in Lake Forest, collected the flags this week. He and other Air Guard personnel will travel to Antarctica in late October to support a group of scientists who will be working at the South Pole for 40 days. He is taking the local school flags to fly while he is stationed there.  If district families would like to share in the adventure with Lt. Col. Buckman, they can follow him on Twitter @LtColBuckman (https://twitter.com/LtColBuckman) and Facebook @BuckmanSouthPole (https://www.facebook.com/BuckmanSouthPole).