Aspen Family Partnership Council Updates and Thank You’s!

Mark your calendars for the 2016-2017 AFPC events!  Our Family Nights will be:  August 26, October 14, February 17 and April 21.  The Family University will be on February 4, 2017.  Look for sign-up information to help with these events, and to volunteer on any of our AFPC Teams, at all fall back-to-school events.

2015-2016 Final Updates – The Teams of Aspen’s Family Partnership Council have been very busy this year!

Choice Time Team

Our students enjoyed many wonderful activities supervised by parents as an alternative to recess during the winter months.  A huge thank you to Heidi Gutowski for organizing this program and all our parent volunteers for making it possible: Xuhui Quan, Laura Zeigler,Jasmine Cheung, Lynn Cieslinski, Bertha Gallegos, Erica Miller, Heather Sublett, Stacey Sticklen, Lauren Viets, Renae Killen, Emma Gundran, Jeffery Sommers, Fatima Lara, Shelley Draper, Leah Heintz, Valeria Utsis, Jessie Hernandez, Maureen Collier, Lyssa Anthony, Jackie Cianfaglione, Alma Miranda, Sheets Mehta, Nicholas Avila, Nora Holleb, Ladan Mohmamood and Mrs. Caby!

Social Team

The AFPC Social Team has been busy this year!  From our Family Dance at the beginning of school, to the Magic Show, to our Read Around the World fun-filled night and finally our annual Bingo Night with pizza sales by our student council to benefit COVE Alliance…Aspen families come together to show our strong sense of school community!  Thank you to Stephanie Freed and Michelle Tran for chairing this Team, Mrs. Caby, Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Timony, and Mrs. Zurek for helping organize the Read Around the World event, and our Social Team volunteers who made them all possible:  Nicole Carson, Lynn Cieslinski, Maureen Collier, Aditi Desai, Marie Fricano, Lilli Garcia, Nora Holleb, Robyn Kaufman, Jamie Ritchie, Halley Romanoff, Lauren Viets.  A special thank you goes to Wendy Giovanetto, Sandy Fairbairn, Jim McDonald and all of our custodial staff for all of their support.

Parent Education Team

We offered Choice Theory 101 training in December-thank you to Mrs. Szoke, Mrs. Zurek and Mrs. Carson for teaching us the basics of Choice Theory!  Over 100 parents and students attended our Family University in February where parents were treated to an amazing workshop by Kim Olver, and students enjoyed fun and educational activities planned by our teachers and staff.  A huge thank you to the following teachers, staff and parents who made this possible:  Mrs. Carson, Mrs. Gerjol, Mrs. Manchester, Mrs. Motley, Kim Olver, Mrs. Szoke, Mrs. Block, Mrs. Caby, Ms. Sturgill, Mrs. Zurek, Mrs. Bonnem, Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Gifford, Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Loiben, Ms. McNair, Mrs. Medberry, Mrs. Vynnyk, Mr. McDonald, Mrs. Giovanetto, Mrs. Fairbairn, Marie Fricano, Rachel Margolis, Nora Holleb, Lynn Cieslinski and all others who pitched in to help at the event.


Principal’s Helpers

A heartfelt thanks to Monica Raquel for organizing this team of parents who make sure all our students’ birthdays are recognized.  Thank you to our parent volunteers:  Kim Cohen, Rachelle Dio, Leah Heintz, Jaime Herbst, Debbie Lim, Christy Newell, Emily Pattee, Elizabeth Rautenbach, and Lauren Viets.


Teacher’s Helpers

Our teachers were incredibly grateful for all of our help with clerical projects and math and reading instruction for small groups of kindergarteners.  We couldn’t have done it without you: Tazreen Anwar, Lynn Cieslinski, Becky Clay, Stephanie Freed, Jaime Herbst, Lindsay Kendrick, Melanie Miller, Christie Newell, Julie Simpson and Michelle Tran–THANK YOU!


We hope you’ll join us in the fall on the AFPC-as little or as much time as you can spare, we are grateful for any help you can provide!!!  Look for sign-ups at all Fall back-to-school events.