Aspen Launches ACE

Aspen Elementary launched a new team of fifth-grade students who are helping the school in many ways. Members of the Aspen Caring Experts (ACE) team were selected based on their applications and teacher recommendations. Members should be dependable, responsible, caring, trustworthy, courteous and friendly. Their job assignments include greeting students at the front door, providing assistance as needed to teachers and staff, and monitoring hallway, recess and cafeteria behavior.

Members talked about their participation:

“I love helping teachers and I like to help people and make the school a better place,” said Hailey S.

“I think it’s fun to come early and help younger kids,” said Emily D.

“I joined because it seemed like a fun idea and it is the first Aspen ACE team,” said Neveah A.

The ACE members are:

Neveah A.
Max A.
Christopher A.
Morgan B.
Anaya B.
Agastya C.
Jonah C.
Emily D.
Jori E.
Om K.
Caden L.
Reva M.
Shruthi M.
Sesi O.
Brian P.
Rebecca P.
Bradley R.
Gabby S.
Manu S.
Hailey S.
Yousef T.
Livy T.
Rakshit V.
Juliya Y.