Aspen Makes Connections

Students in Hawthorn School District 73 have been making all sorts of connections this year.

Earlier this year, Aspen Elementary School introduced the concept of connections with the masterwork, The Golden Gate Bridge, and discussed how connections in children’s lives make them stronger. They discussed the importance of relying on one another. The nearly 600 children in the kindergarten through fifth grade building looked at community connections and how people rely on the police, fire, and village for services. More recently Aspen has carried the idea of connections across grade levels and have younger students work with older children to create bonds.

“We developed Connection Buddies so that students have someone familiar they know in the hallway or on the bus. It gives them another person in the school who will support them,” said Megan Goldman, Aspen Assistant Principal.

“Building relationships with other people you might not know well is a lifelong skill that students will use in sports, college, and in the workforce,” said fifth grade teacher Jamie Kahn. “In getting to know other children, students learn what they have in common,” Mrs. Kahn said.

Aspen is part of a districtwide Leonard Bernstein unit on connections that all District 73 schools are involved in. The Bernstein mission is to use the arts and the artistic process to reinforce teaching and learning across all academic subjects.