Aspen Students Love to Read!

Aspen teachers and staff are consistently working with students to be sure each student, regardless of their academic level, is making progress at an appropriate rate.  This year the staff is working to be sure each student understands their strengths and areas for growth in reading.  As part of our work this year, each student is meeting with their teacher to review their reading.  Students are working with their teachers to identify what they believe they do well in reading, areas where they would like to improve in reading and individual goals for their reading progress.  Teachers and students will have the opportunity to meet with each other three times throughout the course of the year for reading conferences.  Additional conferences will be used to make sure students are making progress in reading and create new goals if they meet their original goals.  Combined with daily reading instruction, we believe focusing on specific reading goals for every child will help all our students achieve and make appropriate individual growth.  Parents will have the opportunity to review this information and learn more about their child’s goals at conferences in November.  

You can help your child to improve their reading and meet their goal.  Make reading every night a part of your child’s routine.

Pictured – 4th grade students are working with their teachers in reading conferences.
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