Aspen Updates October 20, 2017

National School Bus Safety

Aspen is observing National School Bus Safety Week by having every student participate in bus evacuation drills during their PE classes on Friday, October 20.  Students will be taught how the doors open, how the emergency windows work, where the fire extinguisher and first aid kit are, and they will practice going out the back door.  Safety is our #1 concern!

Rotary Club Dictionaries

Each year the Libertyville/Mundelein/Vernon Hills Rotary Club donates dictionaries for all 3rd grade students.  We are excited to welcome back members from the Rotary on Monday, October 23 so they can present dictionaries to our students.  Thank you very much Rotary Club.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is a week of celebration of a lifelong commitment to a drug free and healthy life style.  Aspen students will be celebration Red Ribbon week beginning on Monday, October 23rd.  Students will have the opportunity to show their support for Red Ribbon week by participating in the following school-wide spirit days.

Monday, October 23 – Red Ribbon kick-off! All students will take the Red Ribbon Pledge during morning announcements.

Tuesday, October 24 – Turn Your Back on Drugs day!  Students are encouraged to wear their shirt backwards.

Wednesday, October 25 – Put a Lid on Drugs day!  Students may wear their favorite hat to school to show they want to stop drugs in our world.

Thursday, October 26 – Sock it to Drugs day!  Students wear their craziest or mismatched socks.

Friday, October 27 – Wear RED today!  Students show their pride in being drug free by wearing red (no face paint or hair spray please).

Social/Emotional Learning

On Monday, October 16, Aspen students enjoyed watching skits that our 5th grade students put on at an assembly.  These skits were directed by our social worker, Mrs. Medbery, and were examples of children showing empathy.  These skits were to help support our work with district work on social/emotional learning.

We are happy to share the names of students who have been recognized by their peers for demonstrating Empathy.  Each classroom voted for the one student in their room that exemplified the trait that they have been learning about all month, such as being a good listener, being kind, and showing empathy.  Congratulations to the following students who received a certificate for their excellent behavior:  Faria I. (Brocks), Connie C.(Howell), Mallory J. (Kirby), Evelyn D. (Caby/Strohm), Kendall S.(Loiben), Luke B. (Szoke), Achyutha S. (Alex), Molly R. (Saliba), Connor F. (Swinney), Joey F. (Williamson), Myra C. (Niedbalski), Jordan M. & Gabbi R. (Whitehead), Justin M. & Mya B.(Zurek), Sophia B. (Clausen), Diana R. (Green), Leah F. (Motley), Paige C. & Ethan H. (Wolfson), Reva M. (Chandler), Hailey S. (Galloway), Priya S. (Neville), Zaria I. (Pogachnik), Maria G. & Shreya M. (Viviano).