Aspen’s 10th Annual Family University

February 4, 2017 from 9:00 a.m.-Noon

Please see the 2017 Aspen Family U Registration Form for more information.

There are still spots available-if you forgot to register, or your plans changed and you can now attend, please Nicole Carson (see contact info below) to register.  Parents of 2017-2018 incoming students are welcome to register, but our Children’s Program is only for currently enrolled Aspen families.

Parent Program:  All parents will have their choice of attending two workshops out of four that are being offered:  (1) The ABC’s of Anxiety—How to Help Your Children Transform Anxiety and Worry into Confidence with Kim Olver (Glasser Institute Executive Director and acclaimed speaker/author); (2) Mean, Playful Teasing or Bullying-Understand the Differences with Mr. Fredricksen (Aspen Principal); (3) Caring vs Deadly Habits—How to Build Loving, Life-long Relationships with Your Children with Glasser Trained Teachers Mrs. Szoke (1st Grade), Mrs. Motley (4th Grade), Mrs. Gerjol (Learning Center) & Mrs. Carson (Guest Educator, Glasser Faculty); and (4) Marvin Marshall’s Teachings with Mrs. Manchester (Music Teacher).  Parents of students starting at Aspen in the fall of 2017 are invited to register and attend the Parent Program, but the Children’s Program is only for CURRENTLY enrolled Aspen families.

Children’s Program (children MUST be at least 4 years old and currently enrolled Aspen family):  Our awesome educational program is taught by Mrs. Brocks, Mrs. Caby,  Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Kirby, Ms. Lardo, Ms. Lindquist, Mrs. Loiben, Mrs. Medbery, Ms. Sturgill, Mrs. Weiss & Ms. Wolfson.  Kids 4 years old through 1st Grade will learn how to identify their basic needs and meet them responsibly through age-appropriate educational activities which include team-building games, physical exercise, creative projects and story-telling.  Kids in 2nd Grade and up will learn about their Quality Worlds and meeting their needs effectively and responsibly through fun and engaging activities, including the popular egg-toss experiment.  A snack will be provided.  (Aspen Graduates are needed…if they’d like to volunteer to help, please note so on your registration form or contact Mrs. Carson).
Please contact Nicole Carson at or (847) 858-5602 if you have any questions.

A HUGE thank you to The Claim Company for their generosity in catering lunch at an extremely discounted rate!
  As a result, the registration fee for this amazing program and LUNCH for your family is only $5 per family!