Aspen’s All-Stars – Reading Team Info

Aspen’s new reading initiative this year is entitled Aspen’s All-Stars.  This is a monthly program to encourage your child to read in a variety of different ways and also to display acts of kindness at home and at school.  It is our goal to have 100% participation from our amazing Aspen students.

Each month your child will receive a reading log that they are asked to fill out.  The logs are due at the end of each month.  Once they turn in their reading log, they will receive a raffle ticket.  There will be a monthly drawing at each grade level for students who participated that month and the winner will have a chance to win a prize!  In addition to the raffle, students will receive a sticker for each month that they participate.  They will place their sticker on the grade level pennant that is being displayed in the hallway all year.

Reading is SO important!  You can support your child by encouraging them to read at home. We are hopeful that Aspen’s All-Stars provides a fun way to get our students to read, read, read!