Board Delays Action on Facility Plan

The Hawthorn Board of Education discussed in depth the two concepts presented on December 5 to the Board as part of the Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP) process.  The Board thanked the members of the Core Team for their commitment to the process and investment of 2,500 combined hours of work.

The Board reviewed the issues facing Hawthorn District 73 with growing enrollment, limited facility space, and new neighborhoods being planned for the future that will impact student enrollment. Both concepts presented by the Core Team are designed to resolve the issues and provide needed space for overcrowded buildings and plans for continued growth.  These plans can be reviewed on the District’s EFMP website page.

The Board has not made a final decision on the EFMP for the district. An EFMP is a ten-year facility plan that is based on the concepts presented. The Board will continue the discussion at the January 9 Board of Education meeting.  Concept B received the most attention from the Board members as a possible solution with a few adjustments. The Board is considering postponing the addition for the early childhood classrooms, as the program is successful at the Lincoln building in partnership with Mundelein 75 and Fremont 79. Concept B does provide classroom additions to buildings to meet current and future enrollment needs. It also provides some needed PE, music, and renovation of other spaces within the current buildings.