Drop-off and Pick-up

Thank you to everyone who has been so patient and attentive while dropping off and picking up students at Aspen.  We appreciate your attention and extra caution while driving around the school.

We would like to ask for some help with a couple of items as it relates to drop-off and pick-up.  Most people are using the crosswalk, but we still have a few who are forgetting.  We will continue to remind families to use the crosswalk and to wait for staff to stop traffic before attempting to cross the drop-off line.  We need to keep traffic moving and that may require waiting a minute so that traffic can pull forward before using the cross walk.

For those people dropping off or picking up, please help us keep students safe by only having them exit or enter your car on the curbside.  This helps us to make sure everyone gets in and out of their cars safely.  Also, please remember that we ask parents/guardians to stay in the car while picking-up or dropping-off.  If you feel you need to get out of your car to help your child for any reason, please use one of the parking spots so you may assist them.  We try to keep the curbside moving so that traffic does not back up on Aspen Drive.

We have so many wonderful families who are able to walk to school this time of year.  Many have pets who are well behaved while at school.  However, we have some children who are very uncomfortable around animals and are becoming increasingly anxious because of pets being too close to the front doors of the school.  We would like to ask that families leave their pets at home when picking up students so that all of our children can feel comfortable at school.

Finally, we are asking for those who are picking up students and standing outside the front doors at dismissal to stand in front of the red line, between the parking lot and the red balls. It seems that there is a lot of space to wait for your children, but it gets very crowded once all students are dismissed and we need the space to make sure all students get to the correct car during dismissal.

Thank you for all of your help in making arrival and dismissal as safe and organized as possible.