Fourth Graders Support VHGive Initiative

Fourth graders at Aspen teamed up with Vernon Hills High School in their VHGive initiative. Students from VHHS have been traveling to Uganda where a sister school was built there back in 2008. This summer, VHHS students will be visiting the COVE school again to donate blankets, sheets, and pillows to the children there. Along with those donations, the 4th graders at Aspen wrote letters for the children, telling them a little bit about life as an American student living in Vernon Hills. Aspen 4th graders were eager and excited to write to the children of Uganda, and their letters were filled with well wishes, details about favorite sports, hobbies, and what school is like, as well as colorful pictures and drawings of themselves and their friends and family. They even watched a video that showed the school, the community, and the children they were writing to. To watch the video and learn more about this amazing initiative, please visit