Halloween pumpkins

Halloween/Fall Fest Celebration

Students are excitedly looking forward to Thursday, October 31 when everyone will dress up in costume, parade around the school and enjoy a PTO sponsored party in their classroom.  Here are a couple reminders about that day:

  • When planning your child’s costume, please keep safety and comfort in mind. 
  • Scary masks, weapons and other suggestions of violence, including fake blood, are NOT allowed.
  • Hair color is not allowed.
  • Make up needs to be minimal and applicable in 1-2 minutes without adult help. Save the elaborate costuming and/or make up for neighborhood trick or treating.
  • Please adhere to the school dress code guidelines and students should be dressed appropriately.
  • The parade will begin at 12:45 sharp.  We are hoping for good weather so the parade can take place outdoors. If it rains, we will be parading inside the school.  The Parent Viewing Areas will be in the gym, cafeteria and multi-purpose room in that instance.
  • Once the parade is complete, students will go back to their classrooms and PTO party helpers only will also be allowed to go back to the classroom.
  • Parking is always difficult on days like this, so please park in authorized spots only.  The visitor parking lot in front of the school, the staff lot north of school and parking on the east side only of Aspen Drive will be authorized parking only.  There is NO PARKING by the curb in front of school or in the bus pick up lines in the back of the school.