Halloween/FallFest Activities

Fall has finally arrived!  That means Halloween is right around the corner!  We will be celebrating on Tuesday, October 31 by parading around the school (outside, if weather permits, or inside if we have bad weather) and then our PTO will be putting on classroom parties.  Please remember that we have young children in the building and we do not want to frighten them, so we are discouraging costumes with blood and gore.  Also, no weapons or other suggestions of violence will be allowed. Students will be given some time to put their costumes on, but elaborate costumes or make up should be saved for the neighborhood trick or treat time. Here is the breakdown of the day:

  1. The parade will begin at 12:45 p.m.  Weather permitting, we will parade outside and ask parents to stand in the grassy area all the way around the front of the building.  Please leave room for our Aspen ghosts and goblins to walk on the sidewalk.
  2. Once the parade is over, only pre-approved room parents will be allowed down to the classrooms where they will enjoy party games.  Please remember that food or candy of any kind is not permitted due to allergies.

Parking can be difficult on this day. Parents can park in the front of our building, on the north side of our building where Aspen staff parks, or on the east side ONLY of Aspen Drive.  There is NO PARKING behind Aspen or in the back lot (behind the playground) or bus pick up lanes.

We are looking forward to an exciting day!