Important Bus and Morning Arrival Information for Parents and Students

Please remember to have your children at their assigned bus stop at 7:00 am.  beginning on the first day of school.   We don’t want any children missing the bus, especially as the bus drivers learn their routes and the children they will be transporting.

Equally as important for the safety of our children is the morning arrival time.  If you are dropping your child off for school each morning, or they are walking to school, please remember that there is no adult supervision before 7:40 am.  If you arrive before that time please park in a parking spot (not in the drop off lane) and keep your child in your car with you.  Children who arrive earlier than 7:40 am will have no supervision as they wait outside the school building for the doors open at 7:40.

We know you agree with us that the safety of our children is our first priority.  Thank you for working with us as we keep everyone safe and secure.