It’s Book Fair Time!

This week, Aspen Elementary students were busily selecting books at the PTO Winter Book Fair to place on their wish lists. Aspen’s Book Fair this year is tied in with a fun dinosaur theme. Students can vote on their favorite dinosaurs during gym class. Each day, at least one contest takes place, culminating in the Winning Aspen Dino at the end of the Book Fair. Additionally, a student vs. teacher contest is taking place in which students and teachers are contributing their spare change. If the students contribute more money overall than their teachers, the teachers will be asked to wear a dinosaur visor during the last hour of the day.

PTO Book Fairs are being held at the schools through February 22. The Online Book Fair will run through February 23. The online Book Fair is easy, convenient, and contains a greater selection of books. Books will ship free to your school. In addition to supporting literacy, the book fairs earn credit toward free books for school and classroom libraries, as well as raise money to support our schools.