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Library Policies

Each class checks out library books every week on a fixed schedule. I ask that the students return their library books first thing in the morning so that I have time to check in the books before students come for check out. Please bring library books back on time so that you can check out new ones. The due date is one week after your checkout day. If you are still reading a book, please bring it back to be renewed. It is easy to remember when your book is due, if your library day is Monday, your book is due on Monday and that is your checkout day.

Overdue / Lost / Damaged books

When a child has an overdue book, that child will be reminded to return the book the following school day. A reminder note will be sent home with the child if the book is not returned or paid for within a reasonable time (two to three weeks). An email or phone call is made home to discuss the circumstances. We ask that lost or damaged books be paid for rather than replaced by a book purchased by the parent. We purchase books with library bindings and sturdy, water-resistant covers that can stand up to years of use. Students are always allowed to check out books needed for classroom projects.

Please be responsible, take good care of library books, and return them on time.

When doing research, remember that part of being a responsible digital citizen is to use non-copyrighted images and cite your source. Do not copy another person’s words. Use your own words.

Thank you!
Ms. Affeldt
Library Media Specialist

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