Books on a shelf

PTO Book Fair

Our thanks goes out to our PTO Book fair volunteers for putting on and running a wonderful book fair.  A special thanks to Mrs. Emily Pattee who was the chair for this year’s fair and Mrs. Bauer who also came in each day to help.  Many volunteer hours went into setting up, organizing, helping students pick out books, fulfilling the book orders, and tearing down the book fair for our students.  We appreciate the entire team’s hard work!

The All For Books fund raiser this year was between the students and the teachers.  Both groups were challenged to bring in coins each day this week and the students consistently won! The teachers were then required to wear a dinosaur visor during the last hour of the day.  Student also voted on favorite dinosaur, and the Plesiosaurus won!  

Thank you to all parents who purchased books through the book fair for your students.  Your support of your students and our school is appreciated so much!