PTO News Reminders

Don’t forget:
1. The Hawthorn Dial will be sent home soon!  The Dial is a “must have” for every Hawthorn family. Parents have used the Dial to set up play dates with their child’s classmates, make birthday party lists, and call the schools. The Dial is free with every PTO membership!  More information on joining the PTO can be found on the Join the PTO page.

2.  Target’s® “Take Charge of Education” program offers one of the easiest ways to raise money for our schools. If you have a Target Visa or Target REDcard, you can designate a Hawthorn School or the John Powers Center to receive a cash donation equal to 1% of purchases made at Target and 1/2% of purchases made everywhere else. Target also offers a 5% discount on your entire purchase every time you pay with one of their cards.  Please visit the PTO website for more information.

3.  The Hawthorn PTO Discount Savings Cards are 50% off with amazing local vendors that will help you save money and will raise money for our schools!   If you’re interested in purchasing a $5 card, please email