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Read for the win!!

For the past several years, The Aspen Reading Team has created an at home reading incentive program for students. Earlier his week your child brought home the first at home reading log of the 2018-2019 school year. The year’s program entitled “Aspen Reading-Land” will run November-May. Each month your child will bring home a log/game board with activities that can be completed at home and that are reading/literacy based. Each month students will aim to “Read For the Win” by completing and turning in their game board by the due date.  Then the total number of the students in Aspen that have completed their game board will be compiled, moving the Aspen game piece around a larger game board display in the cafeteria.  We hope to make it around Aspen by the end of May.  As an extra incentive, we will be recognizing students with their picture displayed around Aspen when they complete consecutive game board logs.  So on your marks, get ready, start reading!