Statewide PARCC Results Released

In an effort to keep parents updated on education matters at the state level, Hawthorn wanted to inform parents that this week the Illinois State Board of Education released preliminary state-level  results for the PARCC Assessment, which District 73 students participated in last March and May.  At this time, the assessment results only includes data derived from students who were administered the online format of the PARCC test.  The data in this report gives Hawthorn a big picture of how students did across the state. Hawthorn does not have results yet for its students.

Unlike ISAT, PARCC results are communicated on a 5 performance-level system;

  • Level 5: Exceeded Academic Expectations
  • Level 4: Met Academic Expectations
  • Level 3: Approached Academic Expectations (Adequate Command of Grade Level Content)
  • Level 2: Partially Met Academic Expectations
  • Level 1: Did Not Yet Meet Academic Expectations

Based on these performance levels the state of Illinois released the above shown preliminary results.

Again, District 73 has not received data on individual student performance or how the district compared to the State of Illinois.  District 73 staff is anxious to review the results and modify instruction as needed. Teachers and Hawthorn administration expressed that students who left testing sites last spring showed confidence in their knowledge of the testing material.  Whatever the data reports, District 73 will treat this initial administration of PARCC as a benchmark year to assess its curriculum as it shifts toward the new Illinois State Standards. As in years past, Hawthorn anticipates the state to fully release test scores by the end of October, at which time the administration will share those results with the Board of Education and its parents.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to follow up with Dr. Lisa Cerauli, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction. She can be reached at or 847-990-4251. The state also has detailed information on its website.