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Aspen Student Council Executive Board Elections

Students at Aspen had the chance to vote for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for the Aspen Student Council.  Prior to the voting, all students grade 1st-5th were able to hear each candidate’s prepared campaign speech.  Candidates for executive office have decorated the building with their campaign posters and campaign slogans.  1st-5th grade students were assembled in the gym to listen to prospective candidates and then went back to their classrooms for voting.
We would like to congratulate all of the candidates.  They did an EXCELLENT job presenting their speeches to the school.  All candidates were also extremely respectful to each other throughout the entire campaign.  We look forward to a wonderful year with our student council!
Nina Borkowski
Srikar Manikonda- WINNER
Brooke Bedell
Vice President:
Dylan Sherwin
Grant Bossler
Katie Kim- WINNER
Luke Judilla
Maddie Rash
Nata Garayeva- WINNER
Madeleine Zimmerman
Juliana Gudmundson-WINNER
Emma Altschul


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