Parent Communication Letter

Please download and review this letter from Superintendent Nick Brown on Parent Communication.

Parent / Teacher Communication

At Hawthorn, we have built a system of parent/teacher communication that includes many formal opportunities for face to face communication, as well as, written communication.  We also encourage teachers to informally communicate with parents and families outside of these districtwide opportunities through email, phone calls, notes home, etc.
Midterm Report Information
Understanding that each of these opportunities for communication takes a lot of time for our teachers, we have revisited this system as a district and have revised it to make some of our  forms of communication, required only for students with certain types of needs.  Please see below for an outline of this newly revised system.
As a result of these changes, not all students will be receiving Trimester 2 Midterm Reports.  Please do not worry if you do not receive a midterm report for your child on January 21st.  
Please understand that our goal at Hawthorn is to partner with you as parents in the education of your child.  This partnership will look different every year as the needs of your child change, and your child’s educational team changes.  Please do not ever hesitate to call or email with any questions or concerns that you have or to request information about how your child is progressing.
Thank you for all the support you show your child and our school system.
Trimester 1 Midterms
October 10
Mandatory for all students
Parent/Teacher Conferences
November 25/26
Mandatory for all students
Trimester 1 Report Cards
December 2
Mandatory for all students
Trimester 2 Midterms
January 27
Optional* for some students
Parent/Teacher Conferences
February 27/28
Optional* for some students
Trimester 2 Report Cards
March 10
Mandatory for all students
Trimester 3 Midterms
April 28
Optional* for some students
Trimester 3 Report Cards
June 2 (tentative)
Mandatory for all students
* Criteria for Optional Parent/Teacher Communication – Teacher must send home a midterm report/have a conference if:
  1. Student is in the RtI process for any reason (Behavior/Academic)
  2. Teacher is collecting data on the student to begin the RtI process (Behavior/Academic)
  3. Parent requests the information or a conference
  4. Student performance data falls below expected norms for grade level on Fountas & Pinnel/AIMSweb/Common Assessments