Kids on a field trip on bus

3rd Grade is Going to the Zoo

Our 3rd grade classes are lucky enough to be going to the Brookfield Zoo on Tuesday, May 21.  They will be visiting an array of exhibits from amphibians and invertebrates to birds, reptiles and exotic mammals.  They are in for a great day!

Kids on a field trip on bus

3rd grade Field Trip to Museum of Science and Industry

Our third grade classes had a wonderful time at the Museum of Science and Industry on Tuesday, February 26.  This amazing museum is dedicated to advancing public interest, knowledge and understanding of science, industry and technology.  Here our students experienced A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature, which is an interactive and immersive exhibit that shows that patterns are everywhere in nature, and the key to unlocking these patterns is math. 

Kids on a field trip on bus

Upcoming field trips

Field trips can provide students with a window to the real world that they don’t get in the classroom.  Aspen students are lucky enough to be going on a variety of field trips this year.

Our 4th graders will be visiting the Shedd Aquarium on Friday, November 2, while on November 6, our 2nd graders will be enjoying an in-house field trip where the Lake County Forest Preserve will be bringing in and presenting “Animals of Lake County”.  Our Kindergartners will be enjoying “Pete the Cat” at the Copernicus Center on November 7.  Finally, the last field trip in November will be for our 1st graders.  They will be enjoying a trip to Legoland in Schaumburg on November 15.  Learning can be so much fun!

First Grade Field Trip to The Math Maniac Show

The first grade classes are going on a field trip to see The Math Maniac Show at the James Lumber Theatre on Thursday, November 12.  Students will see a whole new way to discover the awesome possibilities of mathematics.