August and September Menus

For convenience at the start of the school year, you can find the school meal menus here.

August Lunch Menu

September Lunch Menu

Throughout the school year you can find them in the Important / Lunch Program Information tab on the left side of the main Aspen homepage.

Aspen Student Online Meal Payment
Aspen students are part of the online meal prepayment/management system from Meals Plus called Lunch Pre Pay. This a a secure and convenient way to apply funds directly to your student’s meal account using a credit or debit card. Parents can easily check the account balance and review student purchases through a simple-to-use 90 day history report. You may also sign up to receive a low balance email notification.

Families are urged to begin using To register for the program you will need to first go online and setup an account for each student. The account requires your child’s student ID number, which each family received in early September. (If you do not have your child’s ID please contact the Aspen Office at 947-990-4300 and they will assist you.) There is no membership fee for Hawthorn parents to use this system, however there is a $1.95 transaction fee to cover bank/credit card processing fees.
Please register today:

Go online to

Create an account for each student, using your child’s student ID number, which was sent home in early September. If you need further help with an ID please contact the Aspen main office at 847-990-4300.

Prepay for meals using a credit or debit card.
Set a low balance email notification, check 90-day history and more.