Thanks For Making Family University a Success!

The Aspen Family University provided 100 parents and students with a wonderful opportunity to learn new things AND have a blast with friends, teachers and staff on February 4.  A huge thank you goes to the following teachers, staff and parent helpers who made the event possible:  Mrs. Bonnem, Mrs. Brocks, Mrs. Caby, Mrs. Carson, Mrs. Cooper, Ms. Curran, Mrs. Fairbairn, Mr. Fredricksen, Mrs. Gerjol, Mrs. Giovanetto, Ms. Jones, Mrs. Kirby, Ms. Lardo, Ms. Lindquist, Mrs. Loiben, Mr. MacDonald, Mrs. Manchester, Mrs. Medbery, Mrs. Motley, Ms. Sturgill, Mrs. Szoke, Mrs. Weiss, Ms. Wolfson, Marie Fricano, Leah Heintz, Veronica Karaca, Rachel Margolis, Kristin Weissman and of course, Kim Olver, Executive Director of the Glasser Institute–thank you for volunteering your time!  Thanks to The Claim Company for providing a delicious lunch!  Please enjoy these photos of the event!